Topic: iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL-2.2.0 has been released.

Dear all,

iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL-2.2.0 (iRedAdmin-Pro for MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL backends) is now available for upgrading and purchasing.

How to download the latest iRedAdmin-Pro

iRedAdmin-Pro customers can get download link of this new release by following steps below:

  • Login to iRedAdmin-Pro as global admin

  • Click "License" on the top-right corner, it will show you basic license info and a "Download" button if new version is available for upgrading.

If above steps don't work for you, please send an email to support @ iredmail.org to get download link of the latest release.

Below are detailed changes since iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL-2.1.3:

PLANNED: Dropping support for Policyd and Cluebringer

We plan to completely remove code of Policyd/Cluebringer support in next iRedAdmin-Pro release, because:

  • Policyd v1: The last Policyd stable release (v1.8.2) was released in 2007, no further development, no binary package available in some Linux/BSD distributions, and not supported in recent iRedMail releases.

  • Cluebringer (a.k.a. Policyd v2) has been removed in iRedMail-0.9.3, because it's not under active development, no new release since 2013 (the latest stable release doesn't support IPv6). We have greylisting and throttling support in iRedAPD as replacement, and here's tutorial to help you migrate from Cluebringer to iRedAPD.

  • iRedAPD is under active development by iRedMail team.

In this iRedAdmin-Pro release, greylisting and throttling offered by iRedAPD conflict with Policyd/Cluebringer, so if you want to use Policyd/Cluebringer, please disable iRedAPD integration in iRedAdmin-Pro config file `settings.py` by setting `iredapd_enabled = False`.

  • Able to restrict user to login from specified IP addresses or network. (under user profile page, tab "Advanced".)

  • Able to manage global, per-domain and per-user greylisting and throttle settings implemented with iRedAPD.

  • Able to list disabled domain/user/mailing list/alias accounts.

  • Allow to store mail user's plain password in additional column in `vmail.mailbox` table.

  • Able to bypass bad-header checking in spam policy setting page.

  • Able to manage per-user alias addresses.

  • Show iRedMail version number stored in /etc/iredmail-release.

  • Able to manage white/blacklists for outbound message.

  • tools/cleanup_amavisd_db.py won't cause lock issue or performance issue anymore.

  • New scripts:

    • tools/update_mailbox_quota.py: update mailbox quota for one user (specified on command line) or bulk users (read from a plain text file).

Fixed issues
  • Not correctly update spam subject text (spam_subject_tag3). Thanks rafaelr <rafaelr _at_ icctek.com> for the report in forum.

  • Cannot correctly handle improper unicode string in mail headers while viewing quarantined mail.

  • Not correctly submit per-domain white/blacklists while submitting from 'Quarantined Mails' page as normal domain admin.

  • Cannot set empty time zone and preferred language.

  • Not generate proper maildir path when first 3 characters in username part of email address contains dot.

  • Cannot verify BCRYPT password hash with '{BLF-CRYPT}' prefix.

  • Not correctly set access restriction to account profile page.

  • Not correctly set domain as backup mx.

Updated translations
  • Germany (de_DE). Thanks Joachim Buthe <buthe _at_ gugw.tu-darmstadt.de> and Martin Hofheiz <m.hofheinz _at_ netzwerk-design.net>.

  • Spain (es_ES). Thanks informatica _at_ ttu.es.

  • Simplified Chinese (zh_CN).


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