Topic: Error 554 5.6.0 with bad header

I use clamav and amavis with posfix.

Sometimes when I sent messages, I received a error message that says:

The message WAS NOT relayed to:
  554 5.6.0 Bounce, id=06179-05 - BAD HEADER

This nondelivery report was generated by the program amavisd-new at host srv72.palosanto.com. Our internal reference code for your message is 06179-05/Vn1Ay1dDd7Ga


Missing required header field: "Date"

I would like to know if is there any way of either correct the bad header or to omit this error message?


Re: Error 554 5.6.0 with bad header

Please add below lines in Amavisd config file, restart Amavisd service and try again:

# Selectively disable some of the header checks
# Duplicate or multiple occurrence of a header field
$allowed_header_tests{'multiple'} = 0;

# Missing some headers. e.g. 'Date:'
$allowed_header_tests{'missing'} = 0;

It's part of iRedMail-0.9.3, and it's enabled by default.


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