Topic: iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL-2.4.0 has been released.

Dear all,

iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL-2.4.0 (iRedAdmin-Pro for MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL backends) is now available for upgrading and purchasing.

How to download the latest iRedAdmin-Pro

iRedAdmin-Pro customers can get download link of this new release by following steps below:

  • Login to iRedAdmin-Pro as global admin

  • Click "License" on the top-right corner, it will show you basic license info and a "Download" button if new version is available for upgrading.

If above steps don't work for you, please send an email to support @ iredmail.org to get download link of the latest release.

Below are detailed changes since iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL-2.3.1:

  • Able to set limits of mail user/alias accounts while creating new domain.

  • Able to search user alias address (name and email address).

  • Able to manage per-domain and per-user sender dependent relayhost.

  • Able to enable/disable SOGo service for a single user in user profile page.

  • Bring back option 'Relay without verifying local recipients' for per-domain relay setting.

  • Show progress bar in domain list page to indicate percentage of used quota (and allocated quota).

  • Show a small icon as indicator:

    • on domain list page: indicate certain domain has alias domain(s).

    • on user list page: indicate current account has alias and forwarding addresses.

    Moving cursor on the icon will show more details like alias/forwarding addresses.

Fixed issues
  • Not remove email address which contains invalid character while updating alias members/moderators.

  • Cannot convert invalid date/time to local time.

  • Not add required header (Content-Type: text/html) for web pages.

  • Not correctly handle submitted alias moderators.

  • tools/cleanup_amavisd_db.py: Not correctly delete unreferred sql records in Amavisd database, this bug may incorrectly delete some whitelists/blacklists.

  • Cannot correctly sort mail users by used quota of mailbox with PostgreSQL backend. Thanks Andris Vasers <andris.vasers _at_ rigasvilni.lv> for the report.

  • Updating per-domain and per-user greylisting setting will delete greylisting whitelisted domains.

Updated translations
  • Spain (es_ES). Thanks Juan Bou Riquer <jbou@cancun.com.mx>.


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