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Topic: Where is create_mail_user_MySQL.sh?

Where is create_mail_user_MySQL.sh?
I am using IredOS 4

Is there any alternative to manage users than the console?

Thank you!

This is what I have done...

[root@mail ~]# dir
anaconda-ks.cfg  install.log  install.log.syslog  iRedMail
[root@mail ~]# cd iRedMail
[root@mail iRedMail]# dir
ChangeLog  config     iRedMail.sh    patches  README   TODO   TRANS.TBL
conf       functions  iRedMail.tips  pkgs     samples  tools
[root@mail iRedMail]# cd tools
[root@mail tools]# sh create_mail_user_MySQL.sh XXXXX.com xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
sh: create_mail_user_MySQL.sh: No such file or directory
[root@mail tools]# dir
awstats_config.sh     mailman_config.sh       postfixadmin_config.sh
config_via_dialog.sh  mysql_config.sh         TRANS.TBL
ldap_config.sh        optional_components.sh  virtual_domain_config.sh
[root@mail tools]# cd ..
[root@mail iRedMail]#


Re: Where is create_mail_user_MySQL.sh?



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