Topic: SUSE Gallery Launch / Any Plans For IRM?

I've seen the launch of this cool online app and thought of IRM.

URL: http://blog.susestudio.com/

Thank you once again for such a great work on IRM.

Regards everybody,


Re: SUSE Gallery Launch / Any Plans For IRM?

Just watched the screencast, that's so cool.

I will port iRedMail to OpenSuSE-11.3+ after 0.6.1, are you interesting in this?

OpenSuSE 11.3 contains all major components which iRedMail required, exclude alterMIME (used for signing disclaimer text on outgoing emails). So it should be easy (I GUESS) to make iRedMail work on it.


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Re: SUSE Gallery Launch / Any Plans For IRM?

Really glad you liked, Sir.

I thought might be a great opportunity for the IRM project to gain even more awareness of the community.

They just opened a contest worth USD10k for the winner of the best appliance build.

They also opened submission of custom packages somewhere I really don't remember the precise URL.