Topic: iredmail and ejabberd shared roster problem

I am trying to get ejabberd to work with shared roster. I have shared_roster_ldap enabled. But not sure of how to configure the ejabberd.cfg or the LDAP for storing och retrieving groups of the users.

My ejabberd.cfg looks like this:

   {ldap_base, "dc=ccvattugatan3,dc=se"},
    %%{ldap_filter, "(|(objectClass=mailUser))"},
    {ldap_filter, "(enabledService=jabber)"}.
  {ldap_rfilter, "(objectClass=mailUser)"},
    {ldap_userdesc, "uid"}

%% Authentication using LDAP
{auth_method, ldap}.
%% List of LDAP servers:
{ldap_servers, [""]}.
%% Encryption of connection to LDAP servers (LDAPS):
%% {ldap_encrypt, tls}.
%%{ldap_encrypt, none}.
%% Port connect to LDAP server:
{ldap_port, 389}.
%% LDAP manager:
%%{ldap_rootdn, "cn=Manager,dc=ccvattugatan3,dc=se"}.
{ldap_rootdn, "cn=vmail,dc=ccvattugatan3,dc=se"}.
%% Password to LDAP manager:
{ldap_password, "mypasswordXX"}.
%% Search bases of LDAP directory:
{ldap_base, "dc=ccvattugatan3,dc=se"}.
%%{ldap_rootdn, "cn=vmail,dc=ccvattugatan3,dc=se"}.
%% LDAP attribute that holds user GOES:
{ldap_uids, [{"mail", "%u@%d"}]}.
%% LDAP filter:
{ldap_filter, "(enabledService=jabber)"}.

Does anyone have a idea of what i´m doing wrong?

Users with the enableService jabber can login to the jabber server. but i dont know how to configure ldap och ejabberd to use shared roster.