Topic: iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-2.8.0 has been released

Dear all,

iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-2.8.0 (iRedAdmin-Pro for OpenLDAP and OpenBSD ldapd(8) backends) is now available for upgrading and purchasing.

How to download the latest iRedAdmin-Pro

iRedAdmin-Pro customers can get download link of this new release by following steps below:

  • Login to iRedAdmin-Pro as global admin

  • Click "License" on the top-right corner, it will show you basic license info and a "Download" button if new version is available for upgrading.

If above steps don't work for you, please send an email to support @ iredmail.org to get download link of the latest release.

Below are detailed changes since iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-2.7.0:

  • Able to assign a server-wide free and unique uid/gid number while creating new user with placeholders '%(next_uid)d' and '%(next_gid)d' in parameter 'ADDITIONAL_USER_ATTRIBUTES'.

Fixed issues
  • Not correctly enable alias domain after domain ownership verification.

  • Not disable white/blacklisting actions in 'Quarantined Mails' page if white/blacklist is disabled by domain admin in user preferences. Thanks Rain <rain6966@gmail> for the report.

  • Normal mail user cannot login (self-service). Thanks jobu <buthe _at_ gugw.tu-darmstadt.de> for the report in forum.

  • tools/upgrade_iredadmin.sh cannot create new MySQL table due to missing required privilege.

  • Searching doesn't work.

  • tools/notify_quarantined_recipients.py:

    • unicode error if mail subject contains unicode characters.

    • unicode error if system default encoding is 'ascii'. Thanks Rain <rain6966@gmail> for the report.

  • tools/*.py cannot successfully get LDAP connection cursor.


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