Topic: Apache Web Server

Hi there. Can someone help me with my HTTP configuration. I wasn't able to view my web pages as well with my content management systems under iRedMail apache server. I want to use this also as HTTP server for my web pages how do i make my page visible with php and mysql support? Thanks.



Re: Apache Web Server

Iredmails webapps are stored in /usr/share/apache2/ and the Apache config file for each webapp uses an Alias directive to map the webapps url to its location, ie:


Alias /mail "/usr/share/apache2/roundcubemail/"

so you can either use the same method and add the alias for your own websites and store them in /usr/share/apache2/ or just store your websites under the global webroot - /var/www/


Re: Apache Web Server

I will try. Thanks anyway. Another issue, when I open my browser it only shows "robots.txt", so how do i make my IP Address to be the default web address? Im planning to upload my entire wordpress directly to that IP