Topic: /var/log/mail.* owner problems


I've just seen that all mail log ( mail.log/info/err/warn) are not owned by the right user.
Indeed, they are owned by root:root instead of syslog:adm, so all logs are empty.
If i set the owner with

chown syslog:adm mail.log

the logs starts to get entry, but when they rotate, the owner don't stay and it's root who own it again.

Im using Ubuntu with iredmail 0.6.0 ( im trying to get rid of all "bugs" before updating to 0.6.1 )


Re: /var/log/mail.* owner problems

change following file:

change the line:

create 0600 root root


create 0600 syslog adm


Re: /var/log/mail.* owner problems

iRedMail won't create '/etc/logrotate.d/maillog' anymore, so it will use default system setting.


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