Topic: Not received IredAdmin-pro

Dear Iredmail,

I have not received  iredadmin-pro full edition, i have purchase iredadmin-pro date of 30-oct-2010, through credit card and email id is anu.sharma@lilliputindia.com. plz send me the link where i can download. plz do the needfull
i have already send receipt id  to support@iredmail.org
thank you very much

yogesh saini


Re: Not received IredAdmin-pro

Hi, @write4saini.

I apologize for this troulbe, It must be my mistake, I sent iRedAdmin-Pro to your paypal email address.
Forwarded to you hours ago, did you get it? up and running?

We will try to improve PayPal IPN (https://www.paypal.com/ipn) in these days, hope to avoid similar issues in the feature.


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