Topic: Plussed email auto-sort into folders

Is there any way of (optionally) doing an auto-sort of plussed (ie. joe+myfolder@test.com ) emails into a folder?

Under Sendmail/Procmail I can do the following...
#1 - plussed emails simply end up in the inbox of the receiving user (ie. joe+myfolder@test.com ends up in the inbox of joe@test.com)
#2 - if a folder with matching name exists, the incoming message is placed into that folder, otherwise it's left in the inbox (ie. if we have a pre-made folder called myfolder, message joe+myfolder@test.com will automatically sort into there instead of the inbox, but joe+yourfolder@test.com will end up in joe's inbox).
#3 - same as number 2 except folders will automatically get created if they dont' exist (ie. so the folder yourfolder will automatically get created when joe+yourfolder@test.com is received).

Option #1 seems to work fine on iRedmail, but would like to know if there's any way of implementing #2 and #3?

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Re: Plussed email auto-sort into folders

I didn't test #2, #3 before, but here's reference:
- http://wiki.dovecot.org/LDA
- http://wiki.dovecot.org/LDA/Postfix

iRedMail uses Dovecot LDA as MDA (Mail Deliver Agent), to provide features like quota, index, etc.


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