Topic: Remove spam


The mail server rejects a lot of emails but i still get like 20/day.

I saw this in my logs, is there anyway to tune it more so i can get rid of some more junk?

Jan 25 09:45:14 mail amavis[1357]: (01357-11) Passed BAD-HEADER, LOCAL [] [] <info@sturdydevelopments.com> -> <x@domain.com>, quarantine: badh-oGW9kAXYS3Vw, Message-ID: <376.1378904693.893@sys2.sturdydevelopments.com>, mail_id: oGW9kAXYS3Vw, Hits: -6.556, size: 4242, queued_as: 8F6AD23831C, 2507 ms

I see hits -6.556 in amavisd i lowered the threshold to 5.
Thank you