Topic: iRedMail-1.0-beta1 has been released.

Dear all,

First beta release of iRedMail-1.0 has been released, please help test it and report the issues in our support forum.

Note: Please do not deploy beta release on production server, because we do not offer upgrade tutorial for beta release.

Introduce "iRedMail Easy" - the new deployment, upgrade and support platform

iRedMail Easy is the new web-based deployment, (one-click) upgrade and technical support platform introduced few months ago, we release new version frequently (currently one new release per month), with the one-click upgrade support, you can easily keep the iRedMail server up to date without caring about any technical details. It's the recommend way to deploy NEW iRedMail server and get technical support.

For more details, please check our website, the comparison of iRedMail Easy and classic downloadable installer is available too: https://www.iredmail.org/easy.html

If you need to upgrade existing iRedMail server to the iRedMail Easy platform, please check our tutorial: Migrate from iRedMail to iRedMail Easy platform.

Below are changes since iRedMail-0.9.9:

Supports new distribution release
  • OpenBSD 6.5

  • Debian 10 (buster)

Dropped old distribution releases
  • OpenBSD 6.4

  • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.10. NOTE: We plan to not support non-LTS edition anymore, only the latest LTS edition will be supported. This helps reduce our workload.

Dropped backend

OpenBSD ldapd backend is dropped since this beta release.

ldapd is a LDAP server shipped in OpenBSD base system, but not many people run OpenBSD mail server, and almost no one chose ldapd backend, so we decide to drop support for it completely.

If you're running OpenBSD + ldapd, all further new versions of iRedAdmin-Pro, iRedAPD, mlmmjadmin should work just fine without any issue because there's nothing particular rely on ldapd itself.

  • OpenDMARC integration on Linux and FreeBSD.

    • Unfortunately the latest OpenBSD release (6.5) doesn't offer binary package for opendmarc, but 6.6 does. We have to wait for OpenBSD 6.6 to enable OpenDMARC integration.

  • Dovecot:

    • Enable quota-status service. Postfix can query this service and reject email immediately if user's mailbox is over quota.

    • Enable tracking user loast login time by default for MySQL/MariaDB and OpenLDAP backends. Note: Dovecot doesn't support this with PostgreSQL yet.

  • netdata: Disable sending anonymous statistics to netdata cloud.

Fixed issues
  • Improper order of restriction rules in Postfix `smtpd_sender_restrictions` setting.

  • Fail2ban jail config file doesn't correctly set sshd port number(s).

  • Loose Fail2ban filter rules (postfix/dovecot) to reduce negative bans.

  • [Linux] Not send kill signal to php-fpm daemon process to reopen log file after logrotation.

  • tools/create_mail_user_OpenLDAP.py: Fix missing comma which causes incorrect value of ldap attribute 'enabledService'. Thanks Michael Chong.

Updated packages
  • Roundcube webmail -> 1.3.10

  • iRedAdmin -> 0.9.8

  • iRedAPD -> 3.1

  • mlmmjadmin -> 2.1

  • netdata -> 1.17.0

  • php -> 7.3 (FreeBSD only)