Topic: /etc/postfix/aliases not working

My /etc/postfix/aliases not working..
I have this entry:

user1: user1@mydomain.com, user1@yahoo.com

When email comes to user1@mydomain, it only deliver to @mydomain only, not forward / deliver to @yahoo.com, but when I set in Roundcube filter, it's work.

Is /etc/postfix/aliases ignored?


Re: /etc/postfix/aliases not working

No, it isn't ignored, it's used and it works well. But:
1. Make sure you understand what an "alias" is and what "aliases" does. It redirects mail only for local recipients. I guess "yahoo.com" it's not on your server, so it's not local.
2. Other than point 1), you need to compile it after modifications, e.g.:

postalias /etc/postfix/aliases