Topic: iRedMail-1.2 has been released, also a (beta) dockerized edition

Dear all,

iRedMail-1.2 has been released.

Major changes since iRedMail-1.1.

  • Supports new distribution release: CentOS 8

  • Dropped distribution release: OpenBSD 6.5. Please use the latest stable release 6.6 instead.

  • Able to store banned IP addresses in SQL db. iRedAdmin-Pro customers can view banned addresses and unban them on web UI directly.

  • Fail2ban now works on OpenBSD.

  • Track last login of both POP3/IMAP logins.

Fixed issues
  • Use 'pspell' spell check engine instead of default 'googie' which sends data to Roundcube website.

  • Not install package `libclamunrar9` for unpacking rar file on Ubuntu.

  • Amavisd can not store mail subject with emoji characters.

  • installer: not correctly update allowed_clients in php-fpm pool config file for FreeBSD Jail.

Updated packages
  • Roundcube webmail -> 1.4.3

  • iRedAPD -> 3.6

  • netdata -> 1.21.1

Introduce "iRedMail Easy" - the new deployment, upgrade and support platform

iRedMail Easy is the new web-based deployment, (one-click) upgrade and technical support platform introduced few months ago, we release new version frequently (currently one new release per month), with the one-click upgrade support, you can easily keep the iRedMail server up to date without caring about any technical details. It's the recommend way to deploy NEW iRedMail server and get technical support.

For more details, please check our website, the comparison of iRedMail Easy and classic downloadable installer is available too: https://www.iredmail.org/easy.html

If you need to upgrade existing iRedMail server to the iRedMail Easy platform, please check our tutorial: Migrate from iRedMail to iRedMail Easy platform.

Introduce all-in-one Dockerized iRedMail

We're working on a dockerized edition, and here's the first beta release you
can try from Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/iredmail/mariadb

  • Only MariaDB backend is available right now.

  • Based on Alpine Linux docker image, all components in one container.

  • SOGo groupware is not included because SOGo team doesn't offer binary packages for Alpine.

It's not considered as production ready, please don't run it on production
server now. Feedback, suggestions are all welcome. smile


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