Topic: iRedMail-1.3.1 has been released

Dear all,

iRedMail-1.3.1 has been released.

Here's major changes since iRedMail-1.3.

Fixed issues
  • Fail2ban match rules were not up to date to match log lines produced by the latest Roundcube. Thanks Igor Cej for the feedback.

Updated packages
  • Roundcube webmail -> 1.4.7, it includes one security fix.

  • iRedAPD -> 4.2, it addressed a critical issue which caused temporary rejection.

  • netdata -> 1.23.1

BROKEN distribution

iRedAdmin(-Pro) is currently broken on FreeBSD, please wait for some more days. But if you install iRedMail on FreeBSD without iRedAdmin, the installation will finish without any issue.

  • We ported iRedAPD and mlmmjadmin from Python 2 to 3, but still need some time to port iRedAdmin(-Pro) to Python 3.

  • mlmmjadmin requires uwsgi for Python 3, but iRedAdmin(-Pro) requires uwsgi for Python 2. They both create file /usr/local/bin/uwsgi, hence we can not install uwsgi for both Python versions right now. We will replace uwsgi by other WSGI server like "gunicorn" shortly, please be patient.

Also, here's release notes of iRedMail-1.3.

Introduce "iRedMail Easy" - the new deployment, upgrade and support platform

iRedMail Easy is the new web-based deployment, (one-click) upgrade and technical support platform introduced few months ago, we release new version frequently (currently one new release per month), with the one-click upgrade support, you can easily keep the iRedMail server up to date without caring about any technical details. It's the recommend way to deploy NEW iRedMail server and get technical support.

For more details, please check our website, the comparison of iRedMail Easy and classic downloadable installer is available too: https://www.iredmail.org/easy.html

If you need to upgrade existing iRedMail server to the iRedMail Easy platform, please check our tutorial: Migrate from iRedMail to iRedMail Easy platform.

Introduce all-in-one Dockerized iRedMail

We have built an all-in-one Dockerized iRedMail, get it here:

  • Only MariaDB backend is available right now.

  • Based on Alpine Linux (3.11.6) docker image, all components in one container.

  • SOGo groupware is not included because SOGo team doesn't offer binary packages for Alpine.

It's not considered as production ready, please don't run it on production
server now. Feedback, suggestions are all welcome. smile


Re: iRedMail-1.3.1 has been released


  I understand that upgrades must be applied in order and without skipping. Does this rule is also valid for modifications (v.r.m; Version.Release.Modification)?
  Modifications imply some minor changes, so it still begs the question. smile

  More specifically, can we upgrade from 1.2.1 to 1.3.1 skipping 1.3?

FreeBSD 12.1 - Postgres

Thanks and keep yourselves healthy.