Topic: Why we remove PostfixAdmin in iRedMail-0.7.0.

Dear users,

As you may noticed, we replace PostfixAdmin with iRedAdmin open source edition, which supports both MySQL and OpenLDAP backend, in iRedMail-0.7.0-beta3 [1].

First of all, you can always install PostfixAdmin manually to help manage mail accounts, and there will be a detail wiki tutorial available these days to help you install and configure PostfixAdmin.

It should be easy to add a new component in iRedMail (e.g. ejabberd, pureftpd, samba, etc), but it's really hard to remove one, especially the one which has been shipped for a long time, and many users use it.

As you may know, we have our own web-based admin panel, iRedAdmin (for OpenLDAP backend) [2], to help system admin manage mail accounts and related stuffs. It's really cool, and it does make life easier.

iRedAdmin is a dual-licensing product, there're two editions available: one is open source edition, another is commercial Pro edition which has more features than open source edition. We sell this great Pro edition to make iRedMail a profitable open source project. It encourages developers to keep active development and continuous improvement, achieve new features, provide quick technical support via our forum or email.

Dual-licensing is a viable profit model for iRedMail open source project, because we already get benefits from this model. And we'd like to apply this model to iRedAdmin (for MySQL backend) since iRedMail-0.7.0 release.

We try our best to avoid impacting existing iRedMail users, and we consider this will be the best way to keep iRedMail project free, active and growing.

We appreciate all users who purchased iRedAdmin-Pro to support iRedMail project, and we hope there will be more people support iRedMail this way.

[1] Release Notes of iRedMail-0.7.0
[2] Features of iRedAdmin - web-based admin panel
[3] Install PostfixAdmin for iRedMail (MySQL backend special)
[4] Compare iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL with PostfixAdmin


Re: Why we remove PostfixAdmin in iRedMail-0.7.0.

Is the database structure same as for PostfixAdmin?
Now that official release is made, it would be very nice to provide information to the users still preferring PostfixAdmin.

On a personal note, I believe that this project would not be here if it was not for PostfixAdmin. Dropping it, without providing any option form choosing between, will for sure take away part of followers of this project. That is until your admin panel does not become at least comparable or with more features to removed PostfixAdmin.


Re: Why we remove PostfixAdmin in iRedMail-0.7.0.

Thanks for your reminder.

I updated first post in this topic with two links, hope it helps a little:
[3] Install PostfixAdmin for iRedMail (MySQL backend special)
[4] Compare iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL with PostfixAdmin

Also, update release notes of v0.7.0 with same links in section "Package Updates":
http://www.iredmail.org/wiki/index.php? … ge_Updates


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