Topic: /etc/postfix/mysql_domain_alias_maps.cf is something wrong?

http://iredmail.org/wiki/index.php?titl … .6.1-0.7.0

File: /etc/postfix/mysql_domain_alias_maps.cf
query       = SELECT goto FROM alias,alias_domain,domain WHERE alias_domain.alias_domain = '%d' and alias.address = CONCAT('%u', '@', alias_domain.target_domain) AND alias.active = 1 AND alias_domain.active='1' AND domain.backupmx='0'

Is this query really ok?
We use select from 3 tables but in selection "where" table "domain" is not joinded with any other?


Re: /etc/postfix/mysql_domain_alias_maps.cf is something wrong?

Hmm, you missed the last one:

kilgor wrote:

AND domain.backupmx='0'


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