Topic: Does iRedMail auto-start MTA server immediately after install?


As I mentioned in a different post, I am configuring a replacement server for one which failed today (it was 12 years old, that's like 120 human years, it had a good life).

There is mail sitting in spools across the Internet waiting for this dead server <myserver.domain.com> to come back online.

I have created a new VM which has the same name and therefore will inherit the MX records for the dead server.

If I install iRedMail and the MTA service immediately starts BEFORE I have a chance to add users, I believe that the MTA (Postfix?) will say "I don't know who this user is" and bounce the message.

Is there a way to install iRedMail such that the MTA service does not start until I tell it to? (i.e. after I add all the users)



Re: Does iRedMail auto-start MTA server immediately after install?

Mail servers communicate via port 25, so simply stop postfix service should be ok for you.
And you can continue adding new users, testing new accounts with POP3/IMAP service.


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