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Topic: firefox blocks ssl access on test server:deafening silence on subject?

My intention is to connect only via ssl and tls, but running into a firefox 4 problem during testing here. Connecting to https://mail.blah.net/iredadmin pops up "This Connection is Untrusted". Following the normal routine, I try to add and exception, but then firefox reports that "This site provides valid, verified identification. ..." , but doesn't provide an option to "Confirm".

A check on the net shows that others have encountered this. I have tried the following, under freeBSD firefox 4:

Edit - Preferences - Advanced - view certificates - server tab - choose the mail server - choose export - export the server cert to a file on the desktop - choose import - find and import that file

This process gives me access to the data folder, but all the important php folders (/iredadmin, etc) are still blocked.

If anyone has any insight on to this problem please let me know. Does the cert need to be regenerated in a better form?

Am I insane and the only one getting this problem?