Topic: [SOLVED] Email forwarding with iRedMail - How to?


Is there an easy way to forward emails to an external ( or internal account )? I do not see this option on the backend and it is quite annoying. I run multiple websites and most of these contact emails are forwarded to my mail email account.

This is the only one that is missing from my setup.

Please note that I have read that I can use postfixadmin ( not installed not very keep on installing one more admin panel ) or phpldapadmin ( I have this installed ) however it is not explained anywhere how can one set up forwarding.

Any help would be appreciated


Re: [SOLVED] Email forwarding with iRedMail - How to?

- For MySQL backend, you can create new record in table "vmail.alias". for example:

mysql> UPDATE alias SET goto='user@external.com,another@external.com' WHERE username='user@your_domain.com';

- For OpenLDAP backend, you can add attribute "mailForwardingAddress" in user object. For example:

dn: mail=user@your_domain.com,ou=Users,domainName=your_domain.com,o=domains,dc=xxx,dc=xxx
mail: user@your_domain.com
mailForwardingAddress: user@external.com
mailForwardingAddress: another@external.com
enabledService: forward

- Another way is creating a mail filter rule in webmail (Settings -> Filter), forwarding all mails to external addresses.

With iRedAdmin-Pro, you can easily configure mail forwarding addresses. Screenshot:


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Re: [SOLVED] Email forwarding with iRedMail - How to?

Hi Zhang,

Thanks for the detailed reply I am using the standard iRedAdmin which doesn't have this option, however I created a small guide on how to enable this from the phpLDAPadmin backend.

http://www.solutioning.eu/2011/06/12/em … in-how-to/