Topic: Out of Office-Filter and aliases


is there a way to telle sieve to send out-of-office notifications even when the original mail was sent to an alias of the mail-account?

At the moment only this works:

mail from user1@somedomain.com -> user2@anotherdomain.com (out of office notification will be send)

But not this:

mail  from user1@somedomain.com -> alias-for-user2@anotherdomain.com (out of office notification will not be send)

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Re: Out of Office-Filter and aliases

Dovecot/Sieve-Rules need to include all recipient-addresses as can be read here:


Vacation auto-reply

require ["fileinto", "vacation"];
# Move spam to spam folder
if header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" "YES" {
  fileinto "spam";
  # Stop here so that we do not reply on spams
  # Reply at most once a day to a same sender
  :days 1
  :subject "Out of office reply"
  # List of additional recipient addresses which are included in the auto replying.
  # If a mail's recipient is not the envelope recipient and it's not on this list,
  # no vacation reply is sent for it.
  :addresses ["j.doe@company.dom", "john.doe@company.dom"]
"I'm out of office, please contact Joan Doe instead.
Best regards
John Doe";

This means, that this is more a roundcube issue than a iredmail issue...

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Re: Out of Office-Filter and aliases

thank you for your share.