Topic: Regenerating SSL Certificates

Hello, i have iRedMail 0.5.0 on Testing server before moving it to Production smile, but i need to re-generate SSL Certificates because the FQDN of the testing server isn't the same as the production server (which is in fact published on DNS entries). Testing server fqdn is "postfixsrv.domain.com" and production server fqdn (and DNS entry) is "mail.domain.com". I want to avoid name mismatch error from the certificate when clients try to access the server from outside.

iRM has any tool shipped to do that?, if not, what i need to do for generating all certificates again with a new fqdn?


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Re: Regenerating SSL Certificates

I've found answer on forum :S, lol. Sorry about the re-post.


Not sure about acl permissions, and if it is valid for 0.5.0 version too.