Topic: A Chinese book introduces iRedMail

Dear all,

Just want to share this info, a Chinese book introduces iRedMail (version 0.4.0), below is iRedMail related TOC in English:

9.4    Setup an enterprise mail server with iRedMail
9.4.1  Introduce iRedMail
9.4.2  Install iRedMail-0.4.0 on CentOS 6.2, x86_64
9.4.3  Postfix built-in anti-spam features
9.4.4  iRedMail (v0.4.0) special anti-spam features
9.4.5  How iRedMail processes anti-virus with ClamAV
9.4.6  Network security of iRedMail mail server
9.4.7  Monitor iRedMail mail server
9.4.8  Backup iRedMail mail server
9.4.9  Backup MySQL database on iRedMail mail server
9.4.10 Addition tips about maintaining iRedMail mail server 

Maybe it's not translated so correctly, forgive me.

This book is written in Chinese, you can order it online, CNY ¥79. (I ordered one today.)

If someone wants to write a book of iRedMail, feel free to contact me, it's my pleasure to share what i know.

Book cover: