Topic: Multiple Domainkeys

I am running the latest version of iredmail on debian 6.0 squeeze. i installed DKIM and Domainkeys i can add multiple keys for DKIM following your FAQ but if someone can tell me how to add multiple keys for doainkeys that would be great.

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Re: Multiple Domainkeys

iRedMail doesn't support DomainKeys by default, so you have to try it yourself.


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Re: Multiple Domainkeys

I have domainskeys working fine on the one domain i just need to know if you can use the same port or i have to setup a new port in the dk-filter conf file

# Sane defaults: log to syslog
DAEMON_OPTS="$DAEMON_OPTS -b s -c simple -d <domain> -D -h -m ORIGINATING -s /var/lib/dkim/<domain>.pem -S <selector>"

this is from the iredmail install wiki and works great with one domain how do i add more to this file ?