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Topic: iRedpro OpenLDAP Pre-Sales Inquiry

I am looking to purchase the iRedmail pro for openLDAP. I currently performed a FRESH os install of CentOS 6.2 and have the free version installed. I realized that the free version does not support mailing lists. Since mailing lists are crucial to my organization, I will need to purchase a license. The problem is, is iRedmail Pro upgradable from the free version? I don't want to have to perform another OS reinstall or else my datacenter might scream at me. Please advise.


Re: iRedpro OpenLDAP Pre-Sales Inquiry

To be clear, we have only one edition of iRedMail, it's free and open source. It supports simple mailing list. You just cannot manage mailing list with iRedAdmin (admin panel) open source edition.

Default mailing list achieved in iRedMail is just a simple alias, it does work like Mailman. So you should make sure whether it's what you want.

Here's tutorial for upgrading iRedAdmin from open source edition to iRedAdmin-Pro:
http://iredmail.org/wiki/index.php?titl … ro/OSE-Pro

There's no need to re-install OS.


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Re: iRedpro OpenLDAP Pre-Sales Inquiry

Thanks Zhang,

I received your e-mail as well and replied to you. I appreciate all your help and fully support this product.