Topic: Disclaimer with russian chars

Good day, We switched On disclaimer by instuction. And when I add new text via IredAdminPro it appears  at /etc/postfix/disclaimer
All is fine working with english text, but with russian letters in message footer we got wrong chars like:

Could you help us, please.

Some guys on linux forums wrote about altermime
and problem in qpe.c

where string like this 
snprintf( charout, sizeof(charout), "=X", *p);

should be replaced with this one:
snprintf( charout, sizeof(charout), "=X", *((unsigned char *)p));

==== Provide required information to help troubleshoot and get quick answer ====
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version:
- iRedMail version and backend: LDAP
- Any related log? Log is helpful for troubleshooting.


Re: Disclaimer with russian chars

Seems you have a solution to fix it. Please submit this patch to AlterMIME developers so that they will fix it in next release of AlterMIME.


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