Topic: Install on existing system

Hi everybody,

Yes I did RTFM and I know that you want the installation on a FRESH system. But I don't want to setup a fresh linux box, if I have an existing one. So I have MySQL and httpd (Apache) installed. It runs a Joomla CMS with virtual hosts.

Does that cause any problems with iRedMail? What could be the impact?

Thanks for your support



Re: Install on existing system

It's mentioned in installation guide, section "Requirements":

... Otherwise it may override your existing files/configurations althought it will backup files before modifing, and it may be not working as expected.

It's hard to know what we can do on a server which has some components installed, so it requires a FRESH system.

Another choice for you is:

*) backup your application and data first
*) re-install OS, and install iRedMail
*) Restore your application and data on iRedMail server, modify config files if necessary


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