Topic: Alias method possible in default iRedmail ?

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- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Freebsd
- iRedMail version and backend (LDAP/MySQL): Mysql

I provide mailservices since many years, but no i am willing to give iRedmail a try.

Normally i use a "non db based" backend.

At this moment i have a setup were i have local unix users and i am managing the alias definitions in a postfix virtual table.

There i can set up aliases like "user1@domaina.com locauser1" and so on.

Is there a way to achive these aliases with iredmail ? (i really think so, but just wanted to ask upfront)

An alias based solution like

user1@domain1.com -> steve@apple.com
user10@domain5.fr -> steve@apple.com
woz@apple.com -> steve@apple.com

would be great.

Do i achive this via the virtual.db or via the mysql backend ?


Re: Alias method possible in default iRedmail ?

1) With MySQL backend, you must add mail domain domain1.com, domain5.fr as virtual mail domains, then create mail aliases under these domains.
2) You can use virtual.db also.


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