Topic: Migrate from Plesk (Qmail) to iRedMail ?

I have to migrate emails from a domain name which is currently hosting their emails on a old Plesk panel server (8.x) running Qmail and need to move them on a fresh install of iRedMail (Postfix/LDAP/iRedAdmin-Pro).

On the new mail server, everything is up and running, users are currently using it and everything's fine. I just need to move the old mails (~2500) to the new server for each users (less than 10).

On the plesk server I found the maildir path which is :




Re: Migrate from Plesk (Qmail) to iRedMail ?

simonbouchard wrote:


It's Maildir format, that's great, because you can simply copy it to iRedMail server.

On iRedMail server, maildir path will be something like this:

You can find this maildir path (without 'Maildir/') in LDAP attribute 'homeDirectory' of user object. So just copy old mailboxes to these paths. smile

Don't forget to set correct file owner and permission after copied, mails must be owned by user 'vmail', group 'vmail', with file permission 0700.


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Re: Migrate from Plesk (Qmail) to iRedMail ?

Thank you, that worked and all email were migrated successfully without any issue. smile