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First - just wanted to say great work on iRedMail - it's a great & painless way to have a mail server running in next-to-no time.
Apart from a few minor issues - it was a painless install on Ubuntu 9.10 x64.

There's a few config type issues - mostly distro based I think:
On ubuntu amavisd is amavisd-new, etc
The default graylisting config is a little severe - I had to switch it to training-mode to stop everything getting deferred.
Adding a new domain via the iRedMail web ide doesn't generate dkim keys or change the amavis conf file to include those domains.  While I'm accepting mail ok for multiple domains - I'm worried there's other config files that need to be updated to include extra domains.

The only issue I'm experiencing that I can't find a way around is how to change, per-hosted mail domain, the hostname in the HELO banner.
The server accepts mail ok for multiple domains - but doesn't change the hostname in the HELO banner based on the domain-name used when an mta connects.

A better explanation can be seen via:
http://www.dnstrouble.com/index.php?con … king.co.uk
http://www.dnstrouble.com/index.php?con … osting.com

Connected to mail.inspiredthinking.co.uk.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 mail.developedhosting.com ESMTP iRedMail (Ubuntu)

From what I understand - this [http://www.postfix.org/postconf.5.html#smtp_helo_name] refers to a single domain - rather than changing the HELO banner based on that used by the connected MTA.


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Why you need a per-domain HELO identify?


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heh - why not?

In this specific case - White label'ing the MTA

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Re: HELO|ELHO Hostnames

dasher, that's not usually needed, and it's not easily configured by what I know.

All major hosters use their internal hostname. For example, when sending mail from a hosted domain my-domain.com, the smtp gateway sends the HELO smtp01.hoster-name.net etc.

I asked for the same feature some time ago, but I arrived at the conclusion that it's the best like it's right now.

Also, you probably won't have reverse dns for each EHLO for hosted domains, so your mails will get rejected.