Topic: Can I install iRedMail on Ubuntu without breaking a current Mysql?

Hi there,

I'm fed up with Citadel's oddities, limitations, and poor support, and looking at iRedMail. I run an Ubuntu server (12.04) with a LAMP stack installed; we rely heavily on this server for a relatively high-stakes website and the Mysql databases connected to it.

I'm sad to see in iRedMail's install instructions that it's only meant to be installed on a "fresh" server. The page warns that some config files may be overwritten. But I'm desperate enough that I'm willing to ask what it would take to install iRedMail on our non-"Fresh" server, and based on your experience, what kind of risks I'm running.

- We would be completely replacing our old mail solution. Postfix, Dovecot, etc. can be fully overwritten, we don't care about any of those.
- I see that you can opt to store data in PostgreSQL rather than MySQL. We don't currently use PostgreSQL. If I went with that, would it prevent iRedMail from causing any problems from our vital MySQL setup? (We can't afford much downtime, but the mysql config is pretty vanilla, so we don't have any fancy or unusual config files.)

Based on your experience with iRedMail, does it sound like I'm "in the green" here? any concerns I haven't thought of when installing something like iRedmail? If I don't use Mysql when installing, should my existing mysql install be safe from interference?

Thanks in advance from a desperate novice sysadmin.
- Topher


Re: Can I install iRedMail on Ubuntu without breaking a current Mysql?

*) As mentioned in iRedMail installation guide, iRedMail is designed to be deployed on "FRESH" server, so that we can know file location of config files, and won't break existing configurations. So, again, it's strongly recommended to deploy it on a FRESH server if possible.

*) The latest iRedMail (0.8.4) doesn't support using an existing MySQL instance, so there will be conflict while installing binary packages during iRedMail installation.

*) iRedMail will rewrite some Apache configurations, so it may mess up current Apache config files.

Here's another suggestion: Setup iRedMail on a "FRESH" server first, then migrate your LAMP stack to it after you ensure all mail related services are running as expected. it should be easier and faster than solving issues caused by installing iRedMail on your running server.

WARNING: Please test the suggested solution with testing virtual machine first, and backup all data before you go.


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Re: Can I install iRedMail on Ubuntu without breaking a current Mysql?

Thanks Zhang. I'll take that to heart, and look into setting up iRedmail in a VM as a permanent solution.