Topic: Command died with signal 7: "/usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver"

==== Required information ====
- iRedMail version: iRedMail-0.7.2
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL): Mysql
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Cent OS 5.4 64 bit
- Related log if you're reporting an issue: Not able to receive email on some email ID's

I am receiving bounce massage for some email id's as below

Command died with signal 7:     "/usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver"

Please help me out to resolve this issue.



Re: Command died with signal 7: "/usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver"

Please check Dovecot log file to extract detailed log, it's impossible to help solve this issue without it.


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