Topic: Idea of being the support admin for the nonpaying users of iredmail

I was thinking of (being a supporter of free software of course smile ) supporting postfixadmin to  users of this great product of many software sources many of which are of course free.

I was thinking of supporting postfixadmin for users on here, if anyone's  interested in me doing this? I mean would it be possible for the person who put this great service iredmail to put a postfixadmin  option in the install script at all? If I put together a slightly modified version of postfixadmin?

Just out  of interest really, I was playing around with managesieve and have it working with the newest version of roundcube mail it's really not that hard honestly!

Be interesting what kind of replies I am going to get from this lol.

I have removed the banner below as this doesn't apply to this post this is a more generalized post rather than anything support related in the sense of any problems I am having.


Re: Idea of being the support admin for the nonpaying users of iredmail

Below are my opinions:

  • SQL structure used in iRedMail was based on PostfixAdmin in 2007, but we extend the SQL structure to support new features, like per-user transport, per-user service control (POP3/IMAP/SMTP/Managesieve, etc), per-user white/blacklist (works with iRedAPD), mark user as domain admin, per-domain and per-user BCC/Relay control, password length control, etc.Just compare them and you will find more. PostfixAdmin is not designed to work with iRedMail, and iRedAdmin-Pro is the best choice. We have Amavisd and Policyd integration too, and Dovecot Master User integration will coming soon (not in upcoming release).

  • We sell iRedAdmin-Pro to make iRedMail project profitable and under active development, the most important thing is we provide all iRedMail users quick response/support in this forum. Is PostfixAdmin under active development? Do they (PostfixAdmin developers) provide you quick support? Profitable open source project is the best, because you clearly know this project will keep moving on.

  • We drop PostfixAdmin support in iRedMail (years ago) to encourage iRedMail users who want the best admin panel to try iRedAdmin-Pro. Users can still install PostfixAdmin to work with iRedMail partially (due to SQL structure differences and lack of features (which should work with iRedMail) provided by PostfixAdmin).


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Re: Idea of being the support admin for the nonpaying users of iredmail

My two cents:
- I completely understand why Zhang removed postfixadmin and would probably do the same (it makes development easier and forces users to buy PRO version of iRedAdmin),
- I totally hate (and don't use) iRedAdmin (open source edition) - IMHO it lacks essential features. IMHO it's completely unusable in production,
- I work as well on sort of middleware between stock postfixadmin and my backend (postgresql) / views and triggers,

@ j.smith1981: I personally like the idea of opensource admin panel with basic features (note, iRedAdmin open source edition is NOT admin panel with basic features) BUT... postfixadmin is horrible and I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. The best would be either to help to improve postfixadmin or create new project on modern platform. The latter is sort of redundant as we have iRedAdmin PRO and costs of developing new admin panel would be much more than USD300.