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Topic: Aliases


I have iRedMail Free and I'm trying to add tyler@mankind-media.com as an alias of tyler@tylerchester.com. I followed this guide http://www.iredmail.org/wiki/index.php? … pLDAPadmin but when I send to my alias from an outside email address, I get an error notice that says tyler@mankind-media.com is an invalid host/domain. I've tried two different outside email addresses. I checked my DNS and everything works. Do I need to add anything to Postfix config?

Please let me know. I greatly appreciate any assistance.


P.S. Alias config via LDAP is attached.

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Re: Aliases

1: You didn't follow our wiki tutorial strictly.

WARNING: Attribute "enabledService" requires two values: mail, deliver.

2: Paste original error message here, so that others can help troubleshoot.


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