Topic: how can i create virtual address ?

hello there
i use iredmail0.8.5 on ubuntu12.04.lts
it works .
i wish to create virtual domain can send mail via the server.
but it doesn't have realdomain on iredadmin. because it is a webforum address , it is not created address on the server.
i get an error as below
Sender address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table;
How can i fix it ?


Re: how can i create virtual address ?

1) Why not simply create a mail account for it?
2) You can add IP address of your webforum server in Postfix parameter "mynetworks =", then no valid username is required. WARNING: That means if your webforum or other web applications were hacked, they can send spam emails without verification. Try solution #1 if possible.


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