Topic: configuration

Good evening to everyone

im a newbie linux user and for testing purpose i got and installed iredos. Everything went smooth and i have no errors. i installed webmin becasue i want to be able to change things via a web interface because im not that much familiar with cli yet.
unfortunately, webmin is not working. Service is running properly but it seems that a kind of firewall blocking any other traffic except ssh and webmail.

Web mail is working great so far for the intranet but how can i configure my server to be able to send mails to and from internet?

I know i need a static ip address (which already have) but i cant find any tool that can change the local ip into wan ip.

any help is appreciated.

Best wishes to all.


Re: configuration


modify ifcfg-eth0

and then restart

/etc/init.d/service restart

now the ip address have been change,