Topic: ldap binding with openfiler

I am trying to bind my openfiler system to the ldap server of iredmail. I can authenticate, yet whenever I try to get users or anything I get an invalid entry. I am was wondering if anyone had any luck with connected openfiler to openldap


Re: ldap binding with openfiler

Why not just post error message here?


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Re: ldap binding with openfiler

OK, So it asks for base dn and root bind dn. i just used what was in iredmail.tips for explaining this simply. However I am not sure if root bind dn is Manager or vmailadmin.
So The First error is when I go to group creation, i receive this error:
Error adding new group.
ldap_add: No such object (32)
matched DN: o=domains,dc=domain,dc=com

So when I try to login as one of my ldap users, I recieve invalid username or password. And under the user's listing in the admin panel, there are no users listed.

It seems like it connecting to the ldap server, however I suppose it is not. All the log errors seem to indicate that.