Topic: Fixed in iRedAdmin-Pro-1.1.0: Normal admin can't change password.

This post is used to fix bug in iRedAdmin-Pro-1.1.0 (Full-Featured Edition),
if it doesn't work for you, please post a new topic in this forum.

Hi, all.

There is a bug in iRedAdmin-Pro-1.1.0 (Full-Featured Edition).


Normal admin can't change their own password, iRedAdmin-Pro raises error message: 'Current password is incorrect'.

Root Case

iRedAdmin-Pro tries to get a incorrect form name while updating admin password.

Affected versions
  • iRedAdmin-Pro-1.1.0 (Full-Featured Edition)

  • Thanks James Kong for his report.

Steps to fix it
  • Download patch and change current directory to iRedAdmin-Pro.

# ---- Download patch ----
# cd /root/
# wget http://www.iredmail.org/patches/iredadmin/ent/1.1.0/iredadmin-v110-01-20100223.patch

# ---- On RHEL/CentOS ----
# cd /var/www/iredadmin/

# ---- On Debian/Ubuntu ----
# cd /usr/share/apache2/iredadmin/
  • Use patch command with '--dry-patch' options to test whether this patch will be applied clearly. If command output is not SAME as below, please do NOT try further steps, and post a new topic in this forum.

# patch --dry-run -p0 < /root/iredadmin-v110-01-20100223.patch
patching file libs/ldaplib/admin.py
  • Patch it.

# patch -p0 < /root/iredadmin-v110-01-20100223.patch
patching file libs/ldaplib/admin.py
  • Restart Apache web server to make it work.

# ---- On RHEL/CentOS ----
# /etc/init.d/httpd restart

# ---- On Debian/Ubuntu ----
# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart