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Anyone have a guide on installing roundcube 2.2 or newest?  I dont know what patches are applied to .2 in iredmail4 but I would like to get the outlook attachment support and a bit speedier message viewing.

Also interested in the 3.x beta and what patches need to be used.

The problem I am having is setting up the database into in the password pluggin.  I really must have that password option.



Re: newest roundcube

syadnom wrote:

I would like to get the outlook attachment support

What do you mean outlook attachment support?

Try this seting in roundcube main.inc.php:

$rcmail_config['mime_param_folding'] = 1;


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Re: newest roundcube

The newest roundcube is able to handle the windat files from outlook.  also, they have fixed up their plugin api.

The only real problem I have installing the newest roundcube on my iredmail .4 setup is that the changepasswd plugin (changepasswd_sql) doesnt seem to understand the MD5 passwords that are stored so it tells me that my password is incorrect when trying to change it.

Can anyone help on how to fix this issue?  I can post the config files for the changepasswd_sql plugin if it helps.