Topic: iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-2.1.2 has been released

Dear all,

iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-2.1.2 (a.k.a. iRedAdmin-Pro for OpenLDAP backend) is now available for your upgrading and purchasing.

Download the latest iRedAdmin-Pro

All customers can get download link of this new release with below steps if you have iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-1.7.0 or later releases installed:

  • Login to iRedAdmin-Pro as global admin

  • Click "License" on the top-right corner, it will show you basic license info and a "Download" button if new version is available for upgrading.

If you're running older release, please mail to support @ iredmail.org to get download link of the latest release.

  • Normal admin is now able to manage multiple domains, and mark other mail user as domain admin.

  • Able to add record of sub-domain for Cluebringer whitelist/blacklist.

  • Able to filter quarantined emails by quarantined type: clean.

  • New script (tools/upgrade_iredadmin.sh) used to help upgrade iRedAdmin open source edition or old version of iRedAdmin-Pro.

  • Enhanced password restrictions. New password must has at least

    • one letter

    • one uppercase letter

    • one digit number

    • one special characters

  • Set default time (15 mintues) of inactivity before session expires.

Fixed issues
  • Not render pages in selected language in drop-down list in Login page after logged in.

  • Incorrect function name in libs/policyd/greylist.py: setGreylistingStatus() should be set_greylisting_status(). Thanks Jeronymus <jeronymus _at_ eussen dot net> for the report.

  • Not allow to use longer top domain name in regular expression used to verify domain name and email address.

  • Incorrect URL handle in Amavisd quarantined mail list. Thanks Adrian Schurr <Adrian.Schurr _at_ siag.ch> for the report.

  • Cannot delete one of aliases in user profile page, tab 'Aliases'. Thanks ShortSnow <info _at_ ja-internet.de> for the report.

  • Incorrectly display 'displayedInGlobalAddresBook' service in user profile page, under tab 'General'. Thanks Yu Heieh <ascen6966 _at_ gmail> for the report.

  • Incorrectly paged list of quarantined mails. Thanks Michael <michaelchong2005 _at_ gmail> and Kyle Harris <kyle _at_ theharrishome.com> for the report.

  • Not verify permission while searching mail log. Thanks Khanb <balajikhan13 _at_ gmail> for the report.


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