12,571 Component updates

by talusMaximus

12,572 Cannot recieve any emails

by Steve

12,573 iRedMail + Active Directory?

by SuperCiccio

12,578 Missing dependency

by nguyenhoangvk

12,579 displayName LDAP Attribute

by dariuszr

12,580 Convert mbox to Maildir

by jhansen

12,582 file system to use

by mbsouth

12,584 avelsieve bug in Lenny

by mbsouth

12,586 iRedMail main site

by mbsouth

12,587 LDAP Support

by jhansen

12,588 roundcube webmail access

by liviu

12,591 managesieve

by mbsouth

12,592 iRedMail-0.5.0-rc2

by mbsouth

12,594 iredmail on debian etch

by LordZ

12,597 Strange homedir format

by htjioe

12,598 Upgrade problem.

by synet2k

12,599 SegFault?

by DebianUser

12,600 Restrict Sender Access by IP

by zeussn