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Topic: [SOLVED] [BUG] iRedAdmin-Pro LDAP Statistics

Hi ZhangHuangbin,

i've found that in version 1.6.0 there is a bug that allow any domain admin to see dashboard the stats of all domains (and not the only thats domain admin can handle). This happen also on Mail Sent, Quarantine and Mail recived. In other words, every domain admins can see the stats as a global admin.
A nightmare for privacy settings! big_smile

Could you fix it? In next minutes ill' try to fix that. STFU.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: [SOLVED] [BUG] iRedAdmin-Pro LDAP Statistics

I've downgraded to 1.5.0 and the problem seems to be fixed if could help.


Re: [SOLVED] [BUG] iRedAdmin-Pro LDAP Statistics

Patch is available here:

Will release a standalone bugfix release soon:
- iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-1.6.1
- iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL-1.2.1

    * Fixed:
        + Cannot delete quarantined VIRUS mails when try to delte all
          quarantined mails with one click. Thanks beez <jason@indo...id>.
        + Incorrect count of Sent, Received mails with normal admin.
          Thanks Chris Ip (chris.ip@...hk).


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Re: [SOLVED] [BUG] iRedAdmin-Pro LDAP Statistics

Thanks a LoT! Very quick as ever!

Good work!