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Hi ZhangHuangbin!
Do you have any expirience about performance/stability with dovecot and /var/vmail mounted on a
It was very interesting for me to know, how two fully featured IRM smtp server with mySQL master-master replication as mx1 (mx:mx1.example.com -> 10ms ) and mx2 (mx:mx2.example.com -> 20ms )work with an 3rd  IRM pop/imap, nfs-server (5x500GB+1x500GB as cold-stand-by in raid5).

Both should have exactly the same mail-accounts. If one fails, the other should be reachable for smtp (by DNS round-robbin).

;-) mbsouth


Re: NFS share

I didn't deploy iRedMail + NFS (as share storage) yet, but it should work fine for you.

The major problem you should care about is dovecot + NFS. Search 'NFS' in wiki.dovecot.org will help you:

And iRedMail has some basic NFS setting in dovecot, but disabled by default.

PS: some users in dovecot mail list use Red Hat GFS as NFS replacement.

Further discussion and sharing are always welcome smile


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