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Topic: Joke of the day

Im my homecountry we have an important domain registrar (its name should not be shown here). In recent years I have registered all my domains there (34). Today I realized, that the max. length of a TXT record was 128 character.  :-((  [DKIM ???] I telephoned and mailed a lot. The technical team was very kooporativ. It changed this issue generally on their nameserver -> the max. length is now 256 character ;-(((((( and it is just one TXT record possible (good by SPF+DKIM).

The next story: also in my homecountry there are a lot of ISPs. The largest company doesn´t provide the possibility to set a TXT record in its online DNS control panel, just mx, A and CNAME! What a joke!!

My homecountry ist AUSTRIA !



Re: Joke of the day

Same situation in China mainland.
Many ISPs don't allow you to set TXT type DNS records, only A/MX/CNAME.


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