Topic: [SOLVED] IMAP - 2 Junk Folders "Junk" & "Junk E-mail"

Not to sure why, but I have 2 junk folders being displayed via IMAP.

I can tell you that I currently have my dovecot.sieve dumping junk mail into the default "Junk" folder. Is there any way to delete the "Junk E-mail" and keep only the "Junk" folder or vice-versa?

I see both the folders in Outlook and Roundcube.

Thanks in advance!!



Re: [SOLVED] IMAP - 2 Junk Folders "Junk" & "Junk E-mail"

I think I have this resolved after playing around (got's to love snapshots).

anyways I updated my "/var/vmail/sieve/dovcote.sieve" and changed the "Junk" folder to "Junk E-mail"

... then updated "/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf" and updated the following:

plugin {
    autocreate = INBOX
    autocreate2 = Sent
    autocreate3 = Trash
    autocreate4 = Drafts
    autocreate5 = Junk E-mail

    autosubscribe = INBOX
    autosubscribe2 = Sent
    autosubscribe3 = Trash
    autosubscribe4 = Drafts
    autosubscribe5 = Junk E-mail

Hopefully this will do the trick. If I've done something wrong, please let me know. However, it looks good in both outlook and roundcube now smile