Topic: Filesystem notification error ...

"File System notification error - "contact your mail administrator" (check for configuration errors with the fam/gamin library)"

==== Provide basic information to help troubleshoot ====
- iRedMail version: 0.72.2
- iRedAdmin-Pro: v1.2.1 (MySQL)
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: RedHat 5.6 64bit
- Any related log? Log is helpful for troubleshooting. Nothing in /var/log/maillog

Hi, today I had set up some user account to connect to my mail server with IMAP. The mail client is Outlook 2007

When user connecting to the server, the mail client always returns this error for all IMAP account configured. No error returns with POP3 account or webmail connection, all seems to work fine just with closing the warning pop-up.
Other IMAP account in the same user's profile but on different servers work fine, without any errors.

Searching on the web, I've found some topic related to gamin and Courier IMAP server, with suggestion of replace "fam" with "gamin". As default in iredmail, my IMAP server is Dovecot and I haven't installed Courier.

Some suggestion?


Re: Filesystem notification error ...

Fail2ban requires gamin, but dovecot doesn't require it.
Is there any error log in Dovecot log file (/var/log/dovecot.log)?


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Re: Filesystem notification error ...

No, there are no errors in the dovecot's logs . And neither in fail2ban's log, for the truth.
I set two of those accounts in "Thunderbird" and it gives no errors, so it is probably due to the client...