Topic: Topic related to integrate with existing OpenLDAP

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Dear Friend,

We have a OpenLdap server for authentication purpose inside the company. Now we are looking for IRedmail Solution, but we like to integrate our exist OpenLdap with IRedmail.

Mean, Our admin would be add user in openldap for authentication purpose and IRedmail sync that user with same password.

Please need your assistance regarding above concept.


Re: Topic related to integrate with existing OpenLDAP

My personal suggestion:

- Setup a iRedMail server with OpenLDAP backend.
- Stop OpenLDAP server on iRedMail server, then adjust all ldap lookup in Postfix/Dovecot/Roundcube/Apache/etc to use your existing LDAP server. You have to change LDAP server address, port, bind dn/password, attribute names/values in these lookup files.

Then what you need to do is just maintaining existing server.

Note: Due to different LDAP schema, you will lose some features, e.g. BCC, per-user service control (enable POP3/IMAP/SMTP, etc).


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