Topic: [SOLVED] number of redirect actions ?

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- iRedMail version: 0.7.2
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Ubuntu 10.10
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I have some problems with the redirection of messages that come to my main e-mail abc@abc.com, and then be redirected to the managers m1@abc.com m2@abc.com ... m5@abc.com

In sieve.log i have -> Error: sieve: main_script: line 9: number of redirect actions exceeds policy limit

I've read that sieve implementation in dovecot 1.2 have hard-coded limit for max redirect: SIEVE_DEFAULT_MAX_REDIRECTS 4.
I have to rise this to much higher value, e.g. 10-15. Is there possibility to do this another way than recompiling source?


Re: [SOLVED] number of redirect actions ?

Maybe better to use alias in postfix instead ?


Re: [SOLVED] number of redirect actions ?

You can manage redirections in SQL/OpenLDAP instead.

For MySQL, update database "vmail" like below:

mysql> USE vmail;
mysql> UPDATE alias SET goto='abc@abc.com,m1@abc.com,m2@abc.com,...,m5@abc.com' WHERE address='abc@abc.com';

For OpenLDAP, add 'abc@abc.com', 'm1@abc.com', 'm2@abc.com', ... to attribute "mailForwardingAddress" of user object "abc@abc.com".

Note: To save a copy in your own mailbox, please add your email address in list of forward addresses.

Difference between sieve and SQL/LDAP style:

Sieve style:
1) Postfix queries forwarding addresses against SQL/LDAP, no result.
2) Postfix queries user accounts agains SQL/LDAP, get abc@abc.com (it returns path of its mailbox).
3) MDA (mail deliver agent, provided by Dovecot) queries mailbox of abc@.
4) MDA delivers mail to abc@abc.com's mailbox, execute sieve script, forward mails to m1@, m2@, ....
5) MDA queries mailboxes of m1@, m2@, ..., m5@ against SQL/LDAP, delivers mails to their mailboxes.

SQL/LDAP style:
1) Postfix queries forwarding addresses against SQL/LDAP, get result: abc@abc.com, m1@, m2@, ....
2) Postfix queries user accounts of abc@, m1@, ..., m5@ against SQL/LDAP.
3) MDA queries mailboxes of abc@, m1@, ..., m5@.
3) MDA delivers mail to abc@, m1@, ..., m5@.

With iRedAdmin-Pro, you can easily manage it. Screenshots:


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Re: [SOLVED] number of redirect actions ?

Thank you very much! I am seriously thinking about purchasing iRedAdmin-Pro