Topic: Quarantined (spam) email: is MailZu the answer?

First of all, you guys have done an excellent job with iRedMail. My installation on CentOS v5.3 worked first time and sorted out some real issues I was having sending/receiving emails from certain domains.

I like the prospect of Web enabled spam release for emails in quarantine and I'm thinking of installing MailZu. Reading various posts on the Internet it seems that MailZu is just restarting code releases again after a break of a couple of years.

Are there any compatibility issues with MailZu and iRedMail-0.4.0? I'm nervous about breaking my fully functioning email :-)


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Re: Quarantined (spam) email: is MailZu the answer?

I think mailzu is what you are looking for. smile


Re: Quarantined (spam) email: is MailZu the answer?

Thanks, I'll let the forum know how I get on.